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Manage Your Marriage/Relationship Program

Manage your programRelationship education program management involves coordinating processes, prioritizing tasks, and overcoming challenges. Effective program management will ensure that all parts of your program are performing to their full potential and allow the program the best chance for success. Managing a relationship education program involves many different activities. The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center has created multiple resources for program management. Please continue to refer to this page for new resources regarding the management of your program.

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Program Operations

Many practitioners put great effort into preparing healthy marriage content and recruitment activities, but neglect the importance of core operational issues such as scheduling and logistics. The following resources give guidance on these factors, which can contribute significantly to a positive first impression of your program.

  • Operational Issues Tip Sheet: This document will assist healthy marriage & relationship program grantees in planning and implementing marriage education programs.
  • Operational Issues How-to-guide: This guide takes an in-depth look at operational issues for healthy marriage programs, such as scheduling, logistics, selecting a location, and more.

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