"Can an iPhone App Save Your Marriage?"

Nov 04, 2010

Smartphones are very useful if you're dating. They're almost essential if you're having an affair. They have handy apps for planning weddings and trying to conceive. They even offer sex tips. But can they help out on the real heavy lifting? Can they save a marriage?

The PAIRS Foundation's DTR app lets spouses share a "daily temperature reading." Mind Over Marriage offers a menu of solutions for common problems. Marriage Fight Tracker will record your feuds. And Fix a Fight treats mending a marriage as if it were as simple as changing a tire.

Since real couples counseling requires talking, a method of communication my husband considers inferior to thinking something and then expecting me to know it, I decided these might be worth trying. Plus, all the celebrities I asked to participate said their marriages were too stable for the apps to have any demonstrable effect. Read on to see how we fared.

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