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Why is it important to understand the challenges to a healthy marriage that people in the military face? Some compelling reasons come readily to mind. First of all, married military personnel represent a sizable population, and that, in itself, merits attention. Nearly one-half of the nation's military personnel are married, amounting to almost 700,000 individuals. Moreover, these individuals will experience unique challenges to their marriages, such as deployment and combat stress. Perhaps as a result of some of these unique challenges, servicemen and women appear to have one of the highest divorce rates of any group in the nation. Also, when war or conflict strikes the nation, military spouses feel the effects. Many men and women join the military in order to serve their country and its ideals. If military personnel are struggling in their marriages, this situation can impact the ability of the military to perform its duties. But perhaps the most compelling reason simply may be that a healthy marriage contributes to a higher quality of life for an important group in society that serves the public interest, clearly a vital social goal.