In the Reporting Stage of the evaluation, you and your evaluator should revisit the program logic model and determine the best way to report findings to various target audiences. Ideally, both of you will have discussed your expectations regarding the frequency and content of interim reporting in the Planning Stage.

Provider Role

  • Weigh in on the key take-away points to include for each audience
  • Provide input on the best way to package your final report findings for each audience (executive summary, full report, press release, etc.)
  • Provide feedback on draft and final reports submitted by evaluator
  • If your evaluator wants to publish findings, discuss your role (co-author, or reviewer/adviser), what information will be included, and to which journal(s) s/he plans to send the manuscript

Evaluator Role

  • Advise provider on how much detail to include on the program and evaluation methodology for each audience
  • Seek early and ongoing provider input on the outline, draft, and final reports to program funders
  • Collaborate on key take-away points to include for each audience
  • Notify the provider of any desire to publish findings and discuss the provider's role in publication

Joint Responsibilities

  • Review contract language regarding who retains possession, control, and future use of evaluation data, or if (and which) data will be destroyed

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