Reporting on evaluation findings serves many purposes. It can:

  • Increase understanding of how your MRE program is being implemented on the ground
  • Help you make management decisions by identifying areas for program improvement
  • Provide information on program effectiveness to support advocacy and attract potential funders
  • Contribute to the field of MRE

There are different ways to report evaluation information. With your input, your evaluator will write reports to your funder. You may choose to take the lead on writing op-ed pieces and other materials to reach a variety of audiences and stakeholders.Remember to have your evaluator review your materials for accuracy before distributing them.

Regardless of the audience, you should report findings that include positive, negative and unexpected results. As a provider, you should not fear negative or unexpected outcomes. The results of one evaluation can inform program improvement in subsequent rounds of implementation and evaluation, which will bring you closer to your ultimate goals.

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