Unemployed and angry
Unemployed and Angry
Have you or someone you know lost their job – or been dealing with depression? This module focuses on the emotions associated with the loss of a job and how spouses can help their significant other cope with the loss of their job. After a rough start, the couple in the video demonstrate how one can respond empathetically to this terrible loss.


He never helps
He Never Helps
Is there an imbalance between you and your spouse when it comes to housework, work and other chores? This video shows some productive ways that couples can talk through their frustrations and learn to share the responsibilities of home and work. Though this balance is not easy, this module can make sorting through it much easier.


After the baby
After the Baby
Have you recently added an addition to your family? Those who are parents already know that bringing a new one into the family can change the dynamics of a marriage – both physically and emotionally. This module shows how to and how not to go about dealing with that change. It also talks about how couples can make time for each other, even with the new baby.