Research books large1: Check the spelling of your search terms.


2: Make sure that your search terms do not include punctuation, such as commas, apostrophes, and colons.


3: Make sure that your search terms do not include articles and prepositions, such as: but, by, or, the, etc. or the word "and".


4: Narrow your Resource search to a specific Topic by choosing one from the "Select a New Topic" dropdown on the upper left.


5: A Resource Search can be further filtered by Sub-Topic, Type, Audience (and Sub-Audience), Year Published, and Language by using the checkboxes along the left hand side.


6: Within a search category, checking additional boxes will broaden your search; for example, checking "Fact Sheets" and "How-to Guides" under Type will return results categorized as "Fact Sheets" or "How-to Guides".


7: Across search categories, checking additional boxes will narrow your search; for example, checking "Fact Sheets" under Type and "Spanish" under Language will return only those results categorized as "Fact Sheets" AND "Spanish."


8: If you are searching for a particular keyword or set of keywords, they will be retained as you refine your search. To clear a keyword search, simply perform a search with the keyword box empty.


9: If you want to remove a filter from your search, click the red "X" next to the filter to be removed from the list of active filters directly above the search results. All filters except for the one(s) you remove will be retained.


10:  The Type section is an “or” search. For example, checking “published by the NHMRC” and “Fact Sheet” will pull up all Fact Sheets and all documents published by the NHMRC.