10 Jan
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Updated Website & Resources

The National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Network (NERMEN) has a new and updated website!  
At http://www.nermen.org  you have access to four NERMEN resources developed to support professionals in teaching relationship education:
  • The National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model (NERMEM) outlines key patterns of thinking and behaviors associated with healthy, stable couple relationships and marriages that can be taught in an educational setting.
  • ELEVATE, a couples education curriculum, blends practical skills from NERMEM with an understanding of the physiology of human interaction to enhance healthy relationship knowledge and skills.
  • The Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education Training (HRMET) prepares professionals to teach healthy relationship skills to individuals and couples
  • The Guide to Effective Programming offers tips for designing, delivering, and evaluating relationship and marriage education programs for diverse audiences. 
  • In addition, http://www.nermen.org  shares curricula, fact sheets and other resources developed by Extension designed to strengthen and enrich couple and marital relationships.
Learn more at http://www.nermen.org

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