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Group Size: 26 to 50
Time Needed: 21+ minutes
Goal: Build group cohesion by establishing “links” to other group members
Audience: Couples, Teens, Parents, Children, Singles
Special Considerations: None
Resources Needed: None

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Ask participants to divide into groups of about 10 to 15 people (depending on total group size). Explain that this activity is designed to allow everyone in the group to discover a link they have with another group member.
  2. Instruct each group to create a circle and have one person begin a group discussion. The first person should tell about themselves: where they are from, places they have lived, what country their family is from, schools they have attended, their favorite vacation spots, and what kinds of animals they have. If they own a dog, they must specify the breed.
  3. The first person who has a “link” to the speaker moves next to the speaker and then tells the link they share. For example, if the first speaker says his or her family is from Ireland, the person who “links” to him or her may also have family from Ireland. That person then tells about himself or herself, and others add “links” until all group members are connected.

Tips for Discussion and Processing

Discuss how, within every group, people will find that they will have connections to others. Sometimes people will discover that they know some of the same people, attended the same schools, and have other things in common.

Note: These activities can be modified to reflect a variety of skills.