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Presented by the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center on March 25, 2009, this 1 hour, 30 minutes webinar shares findings from research on how divorce affects child well-being, discusses the impact of divorce on parents, and provides information on the differing outcomes of divorce on children from low-conflict and high-conflict homes. The first presentation is provided by Dr. Paul Amato, a Professor of Sociology, at the Pennsylvania State University. He discusses the negative outcomes among children with divorced parents, including externalizing problems, internalizing problems, low self-esteem, academic problems, and problems with peer relations. The link between divorce and negative outcomes among adult offspring is also explored, as well as mitigating factors that lessen the negative impact of divorce on children, and strategies practitioners can implement to assist children. The second presentation by Dr. Robin Deutsch, Psychologist and Direct of Forensic Services for the Children’s (MR) Program in the Department of Psychiatry at the Massachusetts General Hospital, describes the effects of divorce on children. Specific factors that harm children are addressed, including diminished parenting and children that are caught in the middle. Strategies for preparing children for divorce at different ages are considered and protective factors are discussed. Answers to questions posed by webinar participants are also included, as well as a PowerPoint presentation and transcript.