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In our society, there are more and more products and services competing for our time and attention. In order to capture the attention of the public and inspire action, service providers must think through the following questions:

For marriage/relationship education (MRE) programs, being able to answer these questions is even more important because the public likely isn’t familiar with the types of services being offered. In order to encourage participation in your MRE program it is important to present the services in such a way that they stand out as being: 1) valuable; and 2) from a recognized and respected provider. In other words, programs must create a brand representing services that are well-known, from a trusted source and worthy of participants’ time. This How-to Guide is for MRE practitioners who are considering branding, re-branding or co-branding their program. The Guide is to help practitioners understand the importance of capturing the attention of their target audience and describing the quality services provided. It provides an overview of branding and then offers some guidance for the branding process.