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The Department of Health and Human Services Peer Technical Assistance Network sponsored a roundtable discussion to share ideas about programs to strengthen families who are separated by parental incarceration. Government officials, service providers, and practitioners from Tennessee, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma reviewed trends in incarceration and discussed solutions to common challenges. Prisoner re-entry, recidivism, and the impact of incarceration on children and parents specifically were discussed. Attendees noted the need to focus on nurturing stability in dysfunctional families, enhancing parenting skills, revising child support orders, developing interagency collaborations, facilitating visitation, and publicizing services available to grandparent caregivers. Promising initiatives implemented by states included a TANF-funded marital and relationship training program, parenting education for incarcerated fathers, volunteer mentors, reconciliation support services, and day camps for children and incarcerated mothers.