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This guide is designed to help healthy marriage (HM) and responsible fatherhood (RF) programs work with domestic violence (DV) programs experts in their own communities, help practitioners in these fields understand the benefits of working together and consider some specific ways of doing so, and raise the awareness of public officials, advocates, and community leaders about the interaction of the issues and how to address them. It draws on the concerns, ideas, and experiences of the 30 individuals representing the HM, DV, and RF fields, who participated in a conference in at the Johnson Foundation’s Wingspread Conference Center in Racine, Wisconsin on May 1-3, 2006. The guide summarizes key lessons that emerged from the Wingspread conference discussions. Lessons include: these three fields do not know each other; misunderstanding and stereotyping of each field are common; each field’s terms are not well known; some genuine concerns and fears keep these fields apart; there are many good reasons to learn to work together; the fields do share a lot of common ground; there is a need to develop strategic plans to build trust and understanding; each field continues to evolve and to broaden its approach; there are many ways to work together productively; the three groups can and should work together on primary prevention; and the Building Bridges agenda requires continued struggle with tough issues. Recommendations are provided for each lesson learned, and companion text boxes explain and illustrate some points in greater detail. 13 references and 10 boxes.