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The Building Strong Families Project is being funded by the United States Department of Health and Human Services to test the effectiveness of target activities designed to support the marriage of unwed parents. Demonstration programs will receive technical assistance in the establishment and evaluation of services that include training for parents about relationship skills, family support, ongoing case management, and policies to alleviate financial disincentives to marriage. This manual contains guidelines for the development and implementation of Building Strong Families programs and other marriage support initiatives. Specific strategies are recommended for each component, such as instruction in communication skills and warning signs of relationship problems, assistance with employment and substance abuse treatment, and skill reinforcement. Programs must adapt existing marriage support models to the community, which may include low income families and parents with limited educational backgrounds. Service providers also must be prepared to work with couples at various points in their relationship. Marriage services can either be integrated into existing programs for families or designed as a separate entity in cooperation with family support programs. The guidelines address recruitment strategies, program context and setting, service delivery method, staffing, and duration. 33 notes.

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