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There is a large spectrum of government services and programs that can be included in healthy marriage programs. The natural and immediate thoughts go to the human services field; however, there are many other areas that offer opportunities for healthy marriage/relationship programs. These include corrections and criminal justice, juvenile justice, health programs (including Medicaid and mental health), education, as well as Head Start/Early Head Start. Within human services, programs that serve refugee families, TANF families and protect children (child welfare) are logical partners, too.

As a state policymaker or program administrator, providing leadership to support healthy marriage within government programs may seem daunting, but it is easier than you think. There are a number of examples and resources to draw upon and you will find that many of your colleagues are unaware of the work already being done across the nation.

The following tips are strategies to foster interest for healthy marriage programs across multiple areas of state government. (Author abstract)