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Presented by the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center on March 18, 2009, this 1 hour, 30 minutes webinar focuses on the need for relationship curricula that are culturally relevant to the Native American population, elements of a healthy relationship curriculum specially developed for the Native American population, and strategies for adapting already existing healthy relationships and marriage curricula to resound more strongly with Native American couples. The first presentation is provided by Mary Lee Crowe, project coordinator for the Blackfeet Nation Healthy Marriage Project, Steve Racine, lead trainer for the Healthy Marriage Project, Maynard Kicking Woman, the cultural coordinator for Blackfeet Manpower, and Dan McFadyean, the deputy director for the Blackfeet Manpower. It addresses the significance of culture in Healthy Marriage curriculum, the incorporation of the Blackfeet culture in the “”Love’s Cradle Curriculum,”” strategies used to modify learning materials, and project results. A total of 130 couples completed the curriculum, 25 couples are currently completing a training course, and there have been 4 marriage proposals and 1 marriage. The second presentation by Gordon James, the curriculum developer for the Native Wellness Institute’s “”Leading the Next Generation Healthy Relationships,”” discusses the development of a curriculum to promote healthy relationships among Native Americans and reviews key components of the curriculum. The curriculum addresses the multi-generational effects of unresolved trauma, gender differences, conflict resolution, healthy communication, developing a couple relationship, better sex, and creating the relationship you want. Answers to questions posed by webinar participants are also included, as well as a PowerPoint presentation and transcript.