Developed and researched by Mark Feinberg, Ph.D., Family Foundations is the result of years of his work as a clinical psychologist, family therapist, and prevention scientist at Penn State University.  Many colleagues, professionals, and families contributed to the development and testing of Family Foundations. We appreciate all of their support.  NIH provided funding for the development and research.

There are two parts to the curriculum: The prenatal part will give you an opportunity to learn about and practice tools and strategies before your baby arrives. The postnatal part will sharpen and extend your skills as you put them into practice.

This resource includes 6 DVDs, with a total of 11 half-hour chapters and a workbook for each parent.

Family Foundations is a complete experience, not just a set of talking points by experts. This series is meant to get you to engage—with the materials, the tools and exercises, and with each other.The material is presented in a flexible framework so it will fit your unique family situation. And the material is brought to life by the real life parenting and relationship experiences of other couples.

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