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Marriage education is available to a large number of couples and individuals across the United States, due in part to the authorization of federal funds supporting state and local healthy marriage activities. There are more than 300 programs funded through public dollars to deliver relationship education and related services to youth and adults. A key to program success is who is leading these marriage education workshops. Workshop facilitators and marriage educators are the face and heartbeat of each program. They are responsible for delivering a quality product in an effective and engaging manner. How well facilitator(s) accomplish this directly influences program credibility, participation, retention and impact. Taking time to select the right facilitator(s) is a crucial part of being a program administrator. Many factors influence how you hire facilitators. For example, your budget, timeline, community and curriculum are all relevant to the hiring process. This guide highlights some key issues for consideration and provides sample job descriptions, contract language and application forms to support recruitment of effective marriage educators. (Author abstract)