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Group Size: 11 to 25
Time Needed: 11 to 20 minutes
Goal: Get to know each other and have fun
Audience: Couples, Teens, Parents, Singles
Special Considerations: This is a fun and creative exercise, but it may not be appropriate to use with a group that is dealing with a lot of hostility or couples that are in conflict.
Resources Needed: One sheet of paper per participant, and pens, pencils, colored pencils or thin markers

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Give each group member a sheet of paper and have writing utensils available.
  2. Ask participants to draw a story that depicts a typical event in their daily life (for example, driving the kids to school or walking the dog; the possibilities are endless)
  3. Each participant will have 7 minutes to complete the drawing and write their name on the sheet of paper.
  4. The facilitator will collect the drawings and redistribute to the group members. Make sure no one receives their own picture.
  5. Ask each group member to hold up the picture they received, read the name on the picture, and interpret the drawing for the group (i.e. tell what the story in the picture says to them). The artist of the picture cannot comment at this time.
  6. After the interpretation has been shared, the artist will comment on the other group member’s interpretation and will have a chance to correct misunderstandings.
  7. The activity is complete after everyone has his or her story told. At this point, people can get their pictures back or the facilitator can post the pictures on the wall.

Tips for Discussion and Processing

This often becomes a very funny activity. Emphasize that this is not a drawing contest and provide encouragement to those who may feel like they are terrible artists. The fun in this activity is experienced in the interpretations of what group members have drawn.

Note: These activities can be modified to reflect a variety of skills.