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Group Size: 1 to 25
Time Needed: 10 to 20 minutes (depends on group size)
Goal: To get to know the members of the group
Audience: Couples, Parents, Teens, Children
Special Considerations: This activity can be used as a great energy booster when class energy seems low. Co-facilitators can demonstrate the activity together.
Resources Needed: Beach Ball, Markers

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Write several questions on beach ball in a random pattern. Questions can be simple get-to-know-you ones asking information about favorite hobbies, number of children, favorite song or movie and so on. Questions can also be designed to complement the topic of the class. For example, if this is a marriage class, write questions about honeymoons, best memory of the marriage, etc.
  2. Instructor tosses ball into group. When it is caught, participant answers question that is closest to their right thumb. Participants continue to toss ball around room until everyone has a chance.

Tips for Discussion and Processing

Game is fun and active. It helps people relax, laugh and get to know each other

Note: These activities can be modified to reflect a variety of skills.