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Group Size: 11 to 51+ participants
Time Needed: 5 to 20 minutes (depends on size of group)
Goal: To help group get to know each other
Audience: Couples, Singles, Parents, Teens, Children
Special Considerations: It can get loud. Be mindful of your participants’ education levels and English proficiency; this activity may not be appropriate for all.
Resources Needed:

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Print Bingo game sheet here. Distribute a blank Bingo sheet to each participant.Have participants write their name at the top.
  2. Have participants write their name at the top.
  3. Ask participants to notice that each block on their Bingo sheet states an experience that some people in the group have probably lived.
  4. Inform participants that their task is to find a different person in the room who fits the description in each block. For example, they will need to ask around the group and find someone who has run a marathon. When found, the marathon runner will sign his or her initials in the marathon box.
  5. If the group is large (over 25), inform participants that their goal is to get a blackout (meaning a different person in every block). If the group is small, you may want to go for more traditional Bingo and get 5 blocks in a row. In either case, if the game’s pace is slow, allow participants to sign more than one block.
  6. If nobody in your group matches an item, modify it. For example, if no one in the group has ever run a marathon, you could change it to, "likes to run."
  7. Inform participants that when someone has met the goal, he or she should shout, "Bingo!"
  8. If someone wins very quickly you may continue until you get several more winners.
  9. Prizes can be awarded to winner(s).

Tips for Discussion and Processing

This activity can get very loud. Before you start, tell your group how you will regain their attention when it is time to move on to the next step. As you gather your group back together it is fun to see if anyone learned anything unusual about an individual in the group.

Note: These activities can be modified to reflect a variety of skills.