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Group Size: 1 to 50+
Time Needed: 20 to 30 minutes depending on individual group size
Goal: To get to know each other; it also helps participants start thinking about what they hope to gain from the group or class. Additionally, it is a great activity for goal setting.
Audience: Parents, Couples, Teens, Singles
Special Considerations: This may be difficult for some participants to do. Give them the option to sit out.
Resources Needed: None

Step-by-Step Instruction

  1. Explain to the participants that they are to pretend that this is the last day of class.
  2. Ask them to imagine what they will have gained or learned from the class.
  3. Have them make a “goodbye speech” to the class.
  4. In their “goodbye speech” they should explain to fellow participants how this class has impacted their life and relationships.

Tips for Discussion and Processing

This exercise links together the common goals of the class, as many participants will say similar things. It is a good lead-in to explain the framework of the class and what participants can expect. The activity also helps the facilitator learn the group member’s expectations. Finally, it introduces the idea of “beginning with the end in mind,” the importance of having long-term goals and the power of positive thinking.

Note: These activities can be modified to reflect a variety of skills.