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This fact sheet reviews marital statistics for members of the Reserve Component of the U.S. Armed Forces which is comprised of both the National Guard and the Reserves. It discusses the unique challenges facing military couples and then reports that the marriage rates for Reserve and National Guard members are similar to rates for civilians, with 48% currently married; officers are more likely to be married than enlisted members; the proportion of Reserve Component members who are married has gradually decreased since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001; females are less likely to be married; and African American military personnel are more likely to be marred than African American civilians. Data on divorce is also reported and indicates that in 2009 the divorce rate in the Reserve Component was lower than among Active Duty members; women have a significantly higher divorce rate than their male counterparts; and divorce rates among the Reserves have risen about a half a percentage point since 2000. Reasons for divorce are explored and include stress and pre-existing risk factors that are present when military candidates are selected. Supports for National Guard and Reserve families are described, and resources are listed for practitioners and for Reserve and National Guard families. 21 references.