Mediator in a boxMediator in a Box is a conflict resolution tool that looks like a board game. Any two people can use it, to guide them through conflict or disagreements to solutions.
In a simple and straightforward way, Mediator in a Box provides the structure and safety for two people to discuss with each other their different views on an issue– and to come up with their own solutions, on their own time and in their own way.
Mediator in a Box is easy to use and it works! It can be used by anyone– spouses,  parents and teens, roommates, newlyweds, siblings, co-workers. Seven cards take two people step by step through a conflict to their own solutions. There's a HELP packet, too, that contains two booklets to help people understand the nature of their frustrations, their role in the conflict, why they might be stuck in a recurring conflict, and how emotions provide clues for solving disagreements.
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