Money Habitudes® is a fun, game-like toolkit in the form of a deck of cards. The simple but effective activity is used as a financial conversation starter and a money personality test. It can be employed as an ice breaker, a stand-alone class or a module that is part of other relationship and/or financial programs. It can be used by individuals, couples and groups and is also used by professional therapists and counselors. The hands-on approach makes it a welcome addition to lectures, worksheets and PowerPoint presentations.

First released in 2003, there are now multiple versions for Adults, Young Adults, Teens and Adult-Spanish. Age-appropriate versions can be used with those who are single, dating, engaged, newlywed or married. The teen curriculum, developed with the Dibble Institute, blends healthy relationship skills and financial skills. It won an Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Award.
The categories, statements and interpretations used in the Money Habitudes cards are based on the most common themes found in financial and psychological research and popular publications. After being tested on multiple focus groups, the cards were reviewed by professionals around the country including consumer educators, financial planners, accountants, psychologists, counselors, personal and professional coaches, military personnel, career counselors, human resource professionals and leaders of financial associations and community programs.
Syble Solomon won an Impact Award from Smart Marriages for creating Money Habitudes as a healthy way for people to understand and discuss money issues.
Versions are available for adults and teens in both English and Spanish. Read more.