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This compilation includes audio recordings and materials for the first of three policy seminars that shares findings from federally funded Healthy Marriage and relationship programs. This 1 hour, 30 minutes seminar was held on May 16, 2008, in the U.S. House of Representatives, and focused on marriage, employment, and economic success. Speakers were divided into two presentation panels that shared key findings on marriage and child well-being, explored the definition of healthy marriage, and discussed the economics of marriage. Perspectives from program providers and program participants were also shared. Materials include the agenda, biographies of the panelists, and background information about research on healthy marriages and programs. Information is included that addresses: the definition of healthy marriage, the economic benefits of marriages for disadvantaged families, male employment and marriage, the effects of family structure on child well-being, the decline in marriage and what can be done, ways to end poverty and welfare through marriage, the federal Healthy Marriage Initiative, the effectiveness of marriage education, recent changes in family structure and the implications for children, adults, and society, and helping couples who choose marriage achieve success through marriage education and government policy.