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Presented by the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center on June 30, 2009, this 1 hour, 30 minutes webinar focuses on the challenges stepfamilies face and effective strategies for tailoring marriage education programs to meet the needs of stepfamilies. The first presentation by Dr. Brian Higgenbotham from Utah State University, discusses the prevalence of stepfamilies, the differences between couples in a stepfamily and those not in a stepfamily, and the importance of using a family strengths perspective when working with stepfamilies. Keys for working with stepfamily couples are discussed and include: teaching basic relationship skills, understanding stepfamily characteristics and dynamics, addressing stepparent-stepchild relationships, addressing the relationship with former partner, discussing effective parenting practices, and considering supportive connections inside and outside the family. Program implications and cultural considerations are addressed for each key. The second presentation by Ms. Pamela Morrill of Utah State University, addresses marketing and recruitment strategies for couples in stepfamilies and shares the experiences of the Stepfamily Education Project in Utah. The program has completed 81 classes that have been attended by 1,469 adults and 1,203 children. The success of the program is discussed, as well as marketing strategies and the recruitment of Latino couples. Answers to questions posed by webinar participants are also included, as well as a PowerPoint presentation and transcript.