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In recognition of the role that strong marriages play in family functioning and child well being, the Bush administration is encouraging states to establish public awareness campaigns about the value of marriage, marriage skills training programs, the elimination of disincentives to marriage, and other services for couples. This study reviewed evaluation findings about the effectiveness of marriage promotion programs to identify considerations for planning. The analysis focused specifically on outcomes related to marital satisfaction. Thirty-nine studies were selected for inclusion based on the use of an experimental design, measurements of relationship satisfaction or communication, and response rates for pre- and post-tests. The evaluations assessed therapy programs, pre-marital preparation programs, enrichment, education, communication, and counseling services. In general, findings indicated that marriage and relationship programs had a positive effect on satisfaction and communication for participants when compared to non-participants. However, the conclusions are limited by the number of studies reviewed and the lack of details available about methodologies and measures. 74 references, 2 figures.