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This report discusses the implementation of the Building Strong Families (BSF) program in eight organizations. The BSF project was launched in 2002 to develop, implement, and rigorously test voluntary interventions aimed at strengthening the families of unmarried couples with children. BSF programs were implemented by non-profit and public agencies at 12 locations in seven States, and enrolled more than 5,000 volunteer couples, who were randomly assigned by the BSF research team to an intervention or control group. The intervention featured up to 42 hours of multi-couple group sessions led by trained facilitators, focusing on skills that, according to earlier research, are associated with relationship and marital stability and satisfaction. The report documents the design and implementation of BSF programs, reports on services received by the program group to which the intervention was offered, analyzes characteristics of couples and programs that may affect participation, and describes the experiences of program group couples. Profiles of BSF programs are then offered and include programs in Atlanta, Georgia; Baltimore Maryland; Baton Rouge Louisiana; Broward and Orange Counties in Florida; Houston, Texas; Allen, Lake, and Marion Counties in Indiana; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and San Angelo, Texas. Each program profile includes information on the program design and operations, recruitment and sample characteristics of participants, program participation and retention, program costs, and any notable features of the program. 26 tables, 10 figures, and 24 references.

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15 month report

36 month report