“The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program” is a condensed program created for couples who need support in understanding and learning how to better get along with their partners. (It can also benefit your relationship with your children, parents, friends and co-workers.)

Couples will learn valuable tools and engage in exercises that will help them grow more conscious of themselves and gain more awareness of their partner and their relationships in order to make amazing life changes. “The Ultimate Relationship Resolution” is a program which includes the most important issues that couples often struggle within their relationships.

Consider this Program to be like Cliffs Notes, a condensed version of countless books and seminars all rolled into one ready to give you a quick start to more intimacy, well-being, a stronger relationship with your partner, and a happier life together.

This Audio Program includes information from the best of the best in the field combined with over 15 years of clinical experience on the most fundamental issues couples face.

Couples will receive 5 audio recordings on the most important issues that cause conflict in Relationships which will include:

You will drastically reduce your years of reading and research with these audio recordings on the 5 most important conflict areas that contribute to and affect your relationships. You’ll walk away with everything you need to start creating a stronger relationship, and feel more connected to your partner right away.

This program serves as a first step before you get to the stage of needing couple’s therapy. The program focuses on Prevention and Intervention. It is a much less expensive and less time consuming process than having to go through the therapeutic experience.

For more information contact Rachel Moheban, LSCW at The Relationship Suite.

PHONE: 917.273.8836. EMAIL: info@therelationshipsuite.com