NHMRC Friends and Advisors are professionals who have helped the Resource Center with their expertise, input, and/or participation. The Resource Center will continue to rely on and expand this group to provide high quality and balanced events, information, and products related to healthy marriage.



Adler-Baeder, Dr. Francesca

 Auburn University

Alcazar, Carlos

Hispanic Communications Network

Amato, Paul R.

Pennsylvania State University

Baker, Jennifer

Forrest Institute

Baumgardner, Julie

First Things First

Bir, Sc.D., Anupa

Research on Women, Children and Families

Blankenhorn, David

Institute for American Values

Boggess, Jacqueline

Center on Fathers, Families, and Public Policy, Madison

Bradbury, Tom


Cardona, Jose R.

Michigan State University

Carroll, Jason

Brigham Young University

Daire, Andrew

University of Central Florida

De Maria, Rita

The Marriage Doctor

Diaz-Loving, Rolando

National Autonomous University of Mexico

Dion, Robin


Fincham, Ph.D., Frank

Florida State University Family Institute

Frey, Jeff

Marriage CoMission

Gallagher, Maggie

Institute for Marriage and Public Policy

Halpern-Meekin, Sarah

Harvard University

Harris, Steve

Texas Tech University

Hawkins, Alan

Brigham Young University

Houseman, Alan

Center for Law and Social Policy

Hurt, Tera

University of Georgia

Hymowitz, Kay

Manhattan Institute

Johnson, Christine

Oklahoma State University

Johnson, Jeff

Texas Health and Human Services

Odom, Cyndee

Independent Consultant

Parrott, Les & Leslie

Seattle Pacific University

Pearson, Marlene

Madison Area Technical College

Reed, Kay

The Dibble Institute

Reese, Melanie

Utah Healthy Marriage Initiative

Reyes, Robert

Goshen College

Roberts, Paula

Center for Law and Social Policy (retired)

Sastre, Guille

Creciendo Unidos

Smith, Marcia

Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Stanley, John

Marriage and Family Foundation

VanderWal, Carol

Healthy Marriage Grand Rapids

Warren, Roland

Care Net

Weinrich, Nedra

Weinrich Communications

Wohgemuth, Arlene

Three Point Strategies

Young, George

Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Zollo, Nina

Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence