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What Works in Marriage and Relationship Education?

A review of lessons learned with a focus on low-income couples.

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Delivering Marriage and Relationship Education Services on the Web

Advances in internet technologies during the past few years have made it technically feasible to deliver high-quality, highly engaging and high-impact online education.

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Moving from a Free to a Fee-for-Service Marriage/Relationship Education Program Model

Maintaining program viability is not the only reason for charging a fee. Assigning a monetary value to your services may help establish more credibility in the community. Asking participants to pay for services may also increase commitment levels and retention.


The Court System and Relationship Education: What’s the Connection?

In the United States there were 2.1 million incoming juvenile court cases (including truancy, dependency/neglect, and drug offenses) and an estimated 5.7 million incoming domestic court cases (marital dissolution, paternity, custody, support visitation, adoption and restraining orders) in 2008. Learning new skills may help the individuals involved in these cases to function better in society and manage conflict on their own.


Mental Health and Marriage/Relationship Education: What’s the Connection?

This Tip Sheet is intended to give marriage/relationship educators information and ideas to develop partnerships with providers of mental health services. It gives a review of the different types of mental health providers and the contexts in which they practice. It also provides tips for relationship educators to collaborate with mental health professionals.


A Win-Win Partnership: Marriage/Relationship Education and the National Guard

The National Guard faces circumstances unique from other branches of the military that challenge their ability to maintain happy and healthy romantic relationships.


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Relationship Reality TV

Check out the videos showing couples using their MRE skills!

Created by the Alabama Community Healthy Marriage Initiative

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