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During this stage, you will work with your evaluator to:

  • Develop a final list of evaluation questions
  • Develop an appropriate evaluation strategy
  • Identify necessary data elements
  • Identify measurement tools that allow you to answer your evaluation questions
  • Prepare for data collection by developing data confidentiality and control procedures

This stage of the tour contains information on types of evaluation and data collection strategies. Its purpose is to teach you some basic evaluation concepts and terminology so that you can work with your evaluator to design an evaluation that best meets your needs.

Your evaluator will need to translate your "wish list" of evaluation questions into a final list that reflects you and your stakeholders' top priorities and that can be addressed given time, budget, and political considerations. There are many technical issues involved in this stage, so make sure that your evaluator explains things in a way that is understandable. As the expert on your program and the evaluator's client, you play a critical role in ensuring that your evaluator designs an evaluation that meets your needs-that is, addresses your key evaluation questions in a way that is both feasible and scientifically sound.


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