As a provider, you are responsible for collecting certain aspects of data. Make sure that your evaluator explains to you and your staff why and how different types of data are being collected and the importance to the integrity of the evaluation of collecting data properly.

The following are options for provider and evaluator roles and responsibilities in data collection and management:

  Evaluator Provider Program Sponsor To Be Negotiated Hints
Consent / Assent Form X       Evaluator should develop and, ideally, administer the form
Intake / registration form   X X   Either provider or program sponsor can administer form and house the data.
Surveys X        
Interviews X        
Focus groups X        
Observations X        
Attendance logs   X X   Either program provider or program sponsor should keep the logs and purge of all identifying information
Administrative records/other program records   X X   Either program provider or program sponsor should obtain these records and deliver those that are not confidential to evaluator
Transmit data to evaluation team   X X   Attendance logs, intake forms, administrative and program data will be sent by either program sponsor or program provider. Evaluator will already have data from evaluations, focus groups, interviews, etc.
Enter data X        
Store data          
Dispose of data       X Provider and evaluator will decide who among them will dispose of data


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