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Icebreaker Exercises

Icebreaker exercise

A Day in My Life

Animal Name Game

Ball Toss Name Game

Ball Toss Name Game Video

Balloon Name Game

Beach Ball Toss

Beach Ball Toss Video

Beach Ball Video

Birth Order Groups

Bowl of Questions


Concentric Circles

Couple Name Tag Guessing Game

Creative Name Tags

Find Someone Who

First Impressions

Get to Know You Bingo

Getting Acquainted Card Game



Jigsaw Puzzle

King and Queen of Hearts

M&M Game

Name Tag Mixer

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Pick A Card To Get To Know You

Playdough Charades

Playdough Introductions

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Portrait of a New Friend

Quick Questions

Remember When Penny

Scavenger Hunt

Self Esteem Toilet Paper Game

Square Dance Get To Know You

Synergy Picture

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What Are You Wearing?

What’s Your Line?

What's In Your Wallet (or purse, pockets, briefcase)?

Who is on the Other Side?

Who Is Your Facilitator?