Active Relationships Programs

Authored in 2003, Active Relationships is a state-of-the-art series and is a compilation of healthy marriages and relationships best practices, with available programs such as Active Communication, Active Money Personalities, Active Romance, Active Traditions, Active Adults (for singles), Active Relationships for Young Adults (for youth), Active Military Life and Resiliency Skills (for single or married military personnel), and Active Families (for whole families).
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Kelly Simpson M.A. Psyc., LMFT, CSC

Connected Marriage

On online program to equip pastors, marriage mentors and counselors to work with couples in need of relationship help. Connected Marriage combines interactive online education with surveys and assessments to provide practical tools that will help you with your couples. The program is biblically-based, psychologically sound, practical and effective.
As the couple works through the material, they answer questions about their own relationship. The system combines those answers and creates a report for the mentor to use directly with the couple. There are over 100 pages of insight, exercises and devotions that are provided.
Program Length: 6 to 12 hours
Language: English
Published: October, 2015
By: Phil Carlson
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Couple Communication I Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc. (ICP)

This award-winning program helps you understand yourself and connect with your partner better. You learn 11 skills and other processes to communicate effectively about day-to-day events and important issues.
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Marriage Alive | 10 Great Dates

Remember back to your dating days—the excitement you felt? Now you can reclaim that same spark, connection, and creativity in your marriage through ten intentional, memory-making dates. This proven approach to relationship growth is low-key, purposeful, effective, easy, and fun , and will help you
  • Communicate better
  • Put the sizzle back in sex
  • Process anger and resolve conflicts
  • Develop spiritual intimacy
  • Appreciate your differences
  • Balance busy lifestyles

And much more!

The MArriage and PArenting Program ("MA & PA") | Center for Growth and Development, Inc.

The MArriage and PArenting Program is a 10-week group-based curriculum for couples (married or unmarried) to develop a shared blueprint for parenting together, and strengthen their couple relationship. The weekly meetings are 2 hours each. Particular emphasis is on Self-Nurturing, Teamwork, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Feelings, Relationships without Violence or Fear, Discipline, Balance in Family Life, etc. The program uses a male and female team as facilitators. No special training is required, but the program author can provide training to enhance program implementation, facilitation, and community collaboration. Special certification training is also available.
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Sarasota, FL 34237
Mark Perlman, MA

Marriage Team

Marriage Team provides marriage coaching services via skype or in home. The typical program is an 8-12 week program (depending on each couple’s need), 2-3 hours per week working alongside trained coach couples. There are 9-total modules.For more information visit or call 866-831-4201 

National Marriage Encounter

A Marriage Encounter weekend is a process that married couples experience in the course of two or three days. This weekend gives spouses an opportunity to grow in their marriage through open and honest communication, face-to-face sharing, and heart to heart encounter in a comfortable, relaxed setting. More info.

PAIRS Relationship Skills for Strong South Florida Families | PAIRS Foundation, Inc.

PAIRS mission is to teach those attitudes, emotional understandings, and behaviors that nurture and sustain healthy relationships and to make this knowledge broadly available on behalf of a safer, saner, more loving world.
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Weston, FL 33326

The Power of Two

The Power of Two is a unique online program that:
  • Teaches you how to stop fighting.
  • Improves communication, builds trust and enhances intimacy.
  • Includes videos, podcasts, worksheets, and interactive exercises.
  • Works on your own schedule, alone or with your partner.
  • Is for couples at all stages — dating, engaged or married for years.
The program has been scientifically proven to enrich intimate relationships. It's an excellent substitute or supplement to marriage counseling-online. 
The Power of Two
c/o Torque Interactive Media
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Denver, CO 80203


PREP, Inc creates practical materials that help facilitators (made up of volunteers, teachers, mental health professionals, clergy, and more) to modify or enhance those dimensions of relationships that research and theory have linked to effective marital functioning. Using techniques of cognitive-behavioral marital therapy and communication-oriented marital enhancement programs, PREP aims to help couples maintain high levels of functioning and prevent marital problems from developing.  Topics covered include communication, conflict management, commitment, friendship, sensuality, problem-solving, and emotional supportiveness, among others. PREP curriculums generally contain anywhere from 8 to 14 hours of relationship education content and are usually conducted in a group workshop format. More info. and a calendar of workshops is available here.


For over thirty years, PREPARE/ENRICH has helped couples explore and strengthen their relationships. The main component of the program is an online survey you each complete in about 30-45 minutes. PREPARE/ENRICH is not just any survey. The items you respond to are based on research and are intended to help you identify the unique strengths and potential growth areas of your premarital or married relationship. You'll meet with a facilitator trained to provide feedback by helping you understand your results and learn important relationship skills. Over 100,000 clergy members, professional counselors, marriage mentors and educators have been trained in PREPARE/ENRICH. More info.