Military Couple The National Guard Toolkit was created by practitioners who specialize in delivering family strengthening services to National Guard members and their families. It is meant to assist practitioners who are working with military couples and/or their families. The activities are relevant to the unique circumstances these couples and families face, like coping with deployment and the transition back into family life after deployment, among other things. There are also tips for civilian practitioners who may be delivering services to this population for the first time.


The Amazing Race of a National Guard Couple – An activity designed to help participants anticipate and discuss challenges inherent to one or both being in the Guard

Best and Worst – Icebreaker activity

Communicating with Love – Give participants the tools to communicate effectively

Count Your Blessings – An activity for grandparents who are caring for the children of deployed soldiers

Elephant in the Room – Encourage couples to discuss and plan for issues that may arise (print a copy of the Resource List for each participant)

Elephant in the Room Power Point Presentation

Guard your Finances – Prepare your couples for the income adjustments during deployment (print Budget Worksheets for each participant) 

It's a Plan – An activity for step-parents caring for step-children while their partner is deployed

Magic Wand – Inspire couples to gather resources (print a Resource Sheet for each participant)

Our "It Factor" – Identify strengths of the couple's relationship. This includes a worksheet and "Our Commitment Cards"

Resource Sheet– Participants can use these to identify resources in their area

Staying Connected Near and Far – Help participants gain insight on ways to stay connected

Understanding the Emotional Cycle of Deployment – Inform and prepare couples for the emotional responses experienced during deployment

Understanding the Emotional Cycle of Deployment Power Point Presentation

Understanding the Emotional Cycle of Deployment Worksheet

Understanding the Emotional Cycle of Deployment Quiz

Welcome Home…but Home Ain't What it Used to Be! – Prepare couples for returning home after deployment

You're Not Alone – An activity to help grandparents who are caring for the children of deployed soldiers

Tips for Facilitators

National Guard Fast Facts – Gain an understanding of the demographics of the National Guard

Finding your Way Worksheet – Use this to help develop a program designed to meet the needs of couples affected by military service

Get to Know the National Guard – Get an overview of the National Guard

Getting Started Worksheet – Partner with the National Guard in your state

Resource List – Take advantage of the information available to you

Top Ten Issues Facing Couples – Identify issues National Guard couples are facing

Understanding the Emotional Cycle of Deployment Tip Sheet – Learn about the emotions involved with deployment

Who's Who and What's What – Know how the National Guard is structured

Supplementary Resources

Video – Handling a partner's military deployment and utilizing existing supports like Family Readiness Groups

Poetry – Poems you may want to discuss in class

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