Research books large1: Your Exercise Search can be filtered by Type, Audience, Group Size, and Time (Duration) by using the checkboxes along the left hand side.


2: Within a search category, checking additional boxes will broaden your search; for example, checking "Icebreakers" and "Tip Sheets" under Type will return exercises categorized as "Icebreakers" OR "Tip Sheets".


3: Across search categories, checking additional boxes will narrow your search; for example, checking "Icebreakers" under Type and "1-10 minutes" under Time will return only those exercises categorized as "Icebreakers" AND "1-10 minutes."


4: If you want to remove a filter from your search, click the red "X" next to the filter to be removed from the list of active filters directly above the search results. All filters except for the one(s) you remove will be retained.