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Relationship Education for Juvenile Detention and Re-Entry Programming

Teen parenting, poor refusal skills, early sexual involvement, and family complexity characterize the experiences of many youthful offenders. When teens and young adults are incarcerated, they often return to society still lacking healthy relationship skills necessary for successful family reunification and job retention. 
Relationship Smarts Plus and Love Notes curricula are about the building of the developmental assets missing in this population. Attendees will hear how a youth detention program is tackling this issue and a re-entry program experienced successful outcomes by addressing relationship skills first and job skills second.
  • Marcia White, IMPACT Community Action, Columbus, OH; Re-Entry Program, Relationship Education/Workforce Readiness
  • Laura Waggle, Perry County Detention Center, OH; Relationship Education in Juvenile Corrections; sponsored thru Forever Dads and the Ohio Office of Jobs and Families
Who should attend: 
Administrators and staff of: Correctional Facilities, Juvenile Court and State Family Services, Community Action, Sexual Violence organizations, Middle and High Schools, Social Services, Workforce Development, and Upward Bound programs. Anyone working with At-risk youth programming
When: Wednesday, August 13, 2014
, 4:00 pm Eastern/
1:00 pm Pacific
Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: Free!
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