Stories from Men:

  • Discussion always entertaining and up beat. Cecil_8040945I've told many of my friends. I think you always go home with something to reflect on. I know my wife and I have looked at each other differently since attending these sessions. I see making more of an effort to listen to each others needs with greater respect. Keep Up the good work!
  • I feel that these meetings are very helpful to my communication skills in my relationship. I think often about the subjects that were brought up and use them a lot when talking, and it has changed my attitude in a positive way. I would really like to see more of these presentations in my area.
  • The Cecil county Healthy Marriage Initiative Program is a great thing. The things that my wife and I have learned at these programs have helped us to better understand how each other is in our marriage. My wife and I fight less and spend more time together. Not just with each other, but with our kids too. We now make the time for one another, and have fun doing it!  My wife and I will keep coming to this program as long as it is offered. Thanks you for a great program and keep it up!
  • I believe that by attending these sessions, I have learned to control my temper and to find a path to true happiness!


7125Stories from Women:

  • I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the issues that have been covered the past several months. I would love to see this program run continuously monthly. The material is very beneficial to both relationships and mental health. It’s also a healthy productive way to spend an evening and have the opportunity to make friends and share experiences.
  • My husband and I have both enjoyed attending CCHMI workshops. We have learned skills in communication and ways to express love to one another. I believe this is a very valuable program and a wonderful way to facilitate healthier marriages in our community.
  • These events have given us time to focus on each other and we always have further discussion about the topics presented. It has enriched and strengthened our marriage. It is also helpful to see and hear about other couples situations and solutions.
  • I think the impact you can have on the marriages in this county is greater and so many other problems in our society are so heavily influenced by whether a Mommy & Daddy can stay together. Please keep providing the resources.


Stories from Couples:

  • In 2007 I wanted a divorce from my husband, not because of him, but because of his family. His family was a constant thorn in our side and the cause of major fights. Underlying issues were money management and time spent together. We were, or I, was close to seeking legal council when I hears of Cecil County Healthy Marriage. We attended the Marriage Conference held at Cecil College, we noticed an immediate difference. Cecil_4281661We were taught how to fight in a healthy manner. We were taught haw to separate “our” problems from “their”, the in-laws, problems. IF there was a concern or issue we anticipated we were better able to plan the necessary steps. I really could go and on about the benefits of attending HMI programs and workshops. My husband and I like each other now. We have always loved each other but we didn’t like what we had become and HMI helped us how to get where we wanted to be. Our family life is happier!  We are happier!  We listen to one another. We trust on another. I think if we hadn’t taken that step to attend the conference in 2007 and continue in the various programs and workshops offered since, we certainly would have gotten a divorce.
  • We appreciate the County taking a real concern for the institution of marriage. The varied subject matters relating to marriage are pertinent to everyone no matter how long they have been married. The different venues also help to keep it exciting & interesting.
  • We don't want out of our marriage any longer
  • Forced us to spend time with each other without the kids
  • Allowed us to really look/listen to each other. Now we look forward to the events and knowledge we are bringing home.
  • We communicate better when we fight.
  • Kids are happier.
  • Helped us with our "in-law confrontations"
  • Variety of Topics. We saw ourselves in each one, pulling information from the seminars, we were able to look at our habits and change them.