Most Inspiring Couples:

The Oklahoma Marriage Initiative (OMI) sponsors a yearly contest to identify the most inspiring married couples in the state.

OMI’s Couples of 2011:



OMI’s Couples of 2010:


Testimonials from OMI:

Business Woman“This class was awesome for me, so very helpful and useful in my life at this very moment. I learned things that will help me grow as an individual person as well as the other half of a relationship team.”  -Workshop Participant


“This helped me understand my mate more. We are trying the speaker/listener technique. We are doing 100% better since I’ve been here. Thank you!”  -Workshop Participant


“I feel this workshop was helpful to me as a woman. The things I learned can help me to gain a healthy and long-term relationship.”  -Workshop Participant


Happy Couple“Thank you for providing this workshop. I feel that this should be required for every couple before marriage. This workshop is a stepping stone for creating a long lasting happy fulfilling marriage.”  -Workshop Participant


“This program has changed my views and attitudes about men, relationships, but mainly it has helped me change myself for the better. Not only can I communicate with my partner but also with my children, family and friends.”  -Workshop Participant


“I’m happy there is a structured form of communication given to try and experiment with. Not just a counselor sitting and listening to both parties complaints. Yeah, a tool is given!”  -Workshop Participant


Happy Mature Couple“The class was great!  My husband and I enjoyed the day and also learned so much.  In the end, my husband thought the class was worth going to instead of going to see a movie, like we had previously planned.”  -Workshop Participant