Happy Mature CoupleDear Marriage Works,

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful, worthwhile program, and finally a good use of our tax dollars to help families. My husband and I went to your classes 2 years ago, and I can’t think of any better thing we could have done for our relationship and our family. This class allowed us to work out issues that we just couldn’t get to the bottom of ourselves. We gained coping skills, learned to respect one another, and work together for the greater of our household. We attend a 12 Step program that helps us with our personal issues, but our relationship needed some outside assistance, and we found it and will forever be indebted to Marriage Works and the counselors that sat and listened to our petty problems but were honest enough to tell us the truth. We continue to build on a loving relationship and are role models for others and most importantly our 9 children.

I’ve recommended this program to countless couples. Why anyone wouldn’t do this I’ll never understand. It costs you nothing and you have everything to gain.

Thanks again you guys rock, and now we do too!”



Dear Marriage Works,

My husband, Mike, and I have had a lot of problems in our +38 years of marriage. We married very young (17 & 18) when I became pregnant. We have always known that we loved each other – there has never been the issue of infidelity. Communication was the biggest issue and planning time for each other was another among other issues.

We have paid for private marriage counseling and have had one counseling session with our pastor in the past. It would go fine for awhile, but our marriage would head into the ditch again. It was and had been in the ditch for over six months when I saw brochures and flyers at different places about MarriageWorks. I looked it up online and noticed that a class for marriage relationships was being held at the church my husband and I have been members of for +20 years. I attended the first intro session by myself. At that time I was seriously contemplating divorce or at least a separation. Apparently, Mike found out I went (we were NOT communicating) and he came to the next session. That session brought us back together.

We hopefully have finally learned through these classes how important it is to communicate with each other. The tools and skills we learned through your teachings were enlightening and helpful in building our relationship to the place where it should be to have a joyful marriage. We learned to set goals, both short term and long term.

Will we still have disagreements and miscommunication? Yes, but now we know how to approach each other in a loving way to solve the issue at hand. We bought a ‘spoon’ just for the purpose of communicating on a respectful level. We talk to each other now and we have learned what each other’s wants and needs are in order for each of us to show love towards each other. Love is definitely a choice followed by actions.

We plan to continue our marriage ‘education’ by reading books that you both thought were helpful.

I can’t thank you enough for wanting to take your time to help people like us make our marriages work, and to make them grow into a loving, lasting forever marriage.

In Love,

Deloris J


Happy CoupleDear Marriage Works,

The Growing a Loving and Lasting Marriage workshop was excellent. My husband had never been to any type of seminar before, and he was very impressed and said he wants to do more of the workshops. We are signed up for the Love Thinks sessions that start tomorrow (Monday March 22). Before the workshop, my husband and I were in the process of getting a dissolution. We had the February 7, 2010 court date set and everything. Now he has moved back in and we are going strong. We canceled the court date and we feel like we have just begun our relationship over again. We are doing more together now than we ever did in our marriage together prior to the workshop. For example, I always went to the grocery and walked the dog without Sean, but now we are doing it together. He is enjoying it and so am I.

The presenters did an excellent job running the seminar. They kept the experience upbeat and with their high energy did not lose any of our attention. They also worked very well together and they did a terrific job in sharing the information between each other and among us. I am so very grateful for my prayers to my Higher Power and for this seminar in giving Sean and I guidance to work towards saving our marriage instead of throwing in the towel.

Sincerely,  Sherri T.