Black ManFor those who lack marriage models, the facilitator often becomes a mentor. One male in an eight-year cohabiting relationship said to his facilitator, “I have never had a strong male role model in my life. You’ve become that for me. I need to be mentored so that I can be a better example for my children and community.” With the facilitator support, the male was able to openly dialogue about his fears of getting married to his long-time girlfriend, with whom he had three children. His girlfriend desired to marry saying, “Everyone is this household has your name but me. I feel like an outsider.” By the program’s end, the male was willing to consider marrying his girlfriend but had not yet made any firm plans.


For one couple, the communication tools helped them to discuss sensitive areas that led to one spouse to move out of the bedroom four years prior. By the end of the program, they were sharing the bedroom again.


Happy CoupleFor another couple married for four years, the wife stated, “I had taken a few days off of work to file for divorce when God led me to enroll in your program. Because of your program, we will be renewing our vows this spring!” 


For another couple married for seven years, both mates were reluctant to participate in the program. Neither felt their relationship could be healed. At the facilitator’s encouragement, the couple reluctantly agreed to try but only settled on completing one session. At the first session, the facilitator noted, “In my experience, many people want their marriage but do not have the skills in order to keep it together.” All six program sessions were completed and the couple was grateful to learn skills to help them weather the tough times in their marriage and parent their children better, together.