The Center for Relationship Education
The Colorado Healthy Marriage Project (CHMP) provides services, resources, and support for 6-8 hour workshops designed to promote healthy marriages and relationships throughout the Denver and Colorado Springs communities. These workshops are implemented at the community level through partner organizations already providing other services such as job readiness training, housing assistance, education, financial literacy, and other support services. CHMP hosts workshops at these partner locations and provides these organizations with training, materials, resources to reduce barriers to participation, and support to expand their job readiness training and financial literacy programs. In addition, the CHMP hosts marriage and relationship workshops that are open to the general public hosted at other community organizations, nonprofits, military installations, and school districts.
Colorado Marriage Refresh Christian-based marriage retreats and counseling. For more information call Wyatt Fisher, Psy.D., 303-596-6836 or visit: 

Couple Communication I
Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc. (ICP)

30772 Southview Drive, #200
Evergreen, CO 80439
This award-winning program helps you understand yourself and connect with your partner better. You learn 11 skills and other processes to communicate effectively about day-to-day events and important issues.

Divorce Busting
The Divorce Busting® Center

P.O. Box 271
Boulder, CO 80306
We specialize in helping people get their marriages back on track. Even if everyone is telling you to move on, don't be discouraged. We can help. Don't wait another minute to get the support you need. Speak to an experienced Divorce Busting® Coach who will help you solve your marriage problems now. Call us, we'll help you find your way.

The Power of Two
The Power of Two is a unique online program that:
  • Teaches you how to stop fighting.
  • Improves communication, builds trust and enhances intimacy.
  • Includes videos, podcasts, worksheets, and interactive exercises.
  • Works on your own schedule, alone or with your partner.
  • Is for couples at all stages — dating, engaged or married for years.
The program has been scientifically proven to enrich intimate relationships. It's an excellent substitute or supplement to marriage counseling-online.  http://poweroftwomarriage.com/ 
The Power of Two
c/o Torque Interactive Media
1410 Grant Street, Suite c106
Denver, CO 80203

PREP: The Prevention and Relationship Education Program

P.O. Box 4793
Greenwood Village, CO 80155-4793
PREP (Prevention and Relationship Education Program) is one of the most comprehensive and well respected divorce-prevention/marriage enhancing programs in the world. PREP is a skills and principles-building curriculum designed to help partners say what they need to say, get to the heart of problems, and increase their connection with each other.

To have your program or organization considered for addition to the list, send an e-mail to info@healthymarriageinfo.org.