Family Works | Osborne Association

809 Westchester Avenue
Bronx, NY 10455
Randi Blumenthal-Guigui
Comprehensive parenting, healthy relationships and healing relationship classes for men incarcerated in NYS prisons and their partners. Includes individual and couples counseling and visit coaching as requested.

Healthy Partnering
31 Pure Honey Lane
Gardiner, NY 12525
Kathryn Adorney, Ph.D., and Neil Rindlaub, LMSW, created Healthy Partnering to help families resolve conflict and build loving connections. With over 35 years of combined experience helping couples, families, and children they will help you understand the causes of your difficulties, and help you create solutions for them.

Judith Johnsen: New York
153 Main Street, Suite 9
Sayville, New York 11782
My Goal Is to Help You:
• Cope more effectively.
• Become more aware of possibilities.
• Become less frustrated with stress.
• Decrease obstacles and maximize personal power.
• Have better self-esteem.
• Create a more balanced life.
• Discover your strengths and build on them.
There are ways to work through most personal crises. You don't have to walk alone. You can set the pace. I will use what I have learned to help you get there.

Marriage & Family Savers Institute
229 Robinson Avenue
Newburgh, NY 12550
845-561-9498 or 877-MSAVERS
Rev. Bill Banuchi
Marriage & Family Savers Institute is dedicated to the preservation of the institution of marriage through marriage seminars, marriage counseling, pre-marriage preparation, marriage mentor training, development of community marriage initiatives and promoting pro-marriage and pro-family public policy.

Marriage Success Training: premarital education seminars
Kuhlman / MST
191 Saint Johns Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Marriage Preparation Seminar – Class for Engaged Couples and Newlyweds (and for couples deciding whether to become engaged) – Start Your Marriage on the Right Path

Phoenix House of New York
Phoenix House serves couples and individuals who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction.  Participants learn skills needed to form and sustain healthy marriages and relationships as well as increase levels of economic self-sufficiency.  Additionally, services are provided to distressed couples to teach skills to avoid separation or divorce, which includes couples counseling and peer support groups.  www.phoenixhouse.org

The Relationship Suite | Rachel Moheban, LSCW

88 University Place, Suite 4F
New York, NY 10003
PHONE: 917.273.8836. EMAIL: rachel@therelationshipsuite.com

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program
Coaching and Individual and Couples Therapy

Shalom Task Force

25 Broadway Suite 403
New York, NY 10004-1066
Alan Singer,PhD, Executive Director
Shalom Task Force offers relationship skills education for engaged and married couples in the Orthodox Jewish community through SHALOM Workshop. Shalom Task Force also offers relationship skills education workshops in high schools and colleges for Orthodox Jewish youth.

The Third Option
The Third Option is an on-going group program to build better marriages. It is designed for all married couples and can be used both as marriage enrichment or crisis intervention. For hurting couples, who see only two options (painful endurance or divorce) the third option means reconciliation. For ordinary couples, the program teaches them the skills they need to have happier, healthier marriages.

University Behavioral Associates
UBA provides marriage and relationship education workshops designed to improve communication, conflict resolution skills, improve parenting skills, improve economic self-sufficiency and increase collaboration between UBA and various partnering organizations. http://ubacares.org

To have your program or organization considered for addition to the list, send an e-mail to info@healthymarriageinfo.org.