Better Family Life Healthy Marriage Initiative
Better Family Life, Inc.

5261 Delmar Avenue, Suite 301
St. Louis, MO 63108
Robin Ingram, Project Director
Better Family Life, Inc. (BFL), a Missouri non-profit corporation, with 287 years of experience providing the St. Louis metropolitan area with family and social service programs, has formed a partnership which joins faith-based and community-based organizations, the TANF system schools, local government, and families, to provide a Healthy Marriage Initiative (project) to the metropolitan area of St. Louis, Missouri. The objective of the project is to assist individuals and couples in developing the skills and knowledge to form and sustain healthy relationships and marriages. In addition to assisting individuals and couples, the initiative has implement St. Louis metropolitan area public and private schools to encourage the message of healthy, sustainable relationships. The overall goal is to promote a culturally competent strategy for fostering healthy marriage, responsible fatherhood, improving child well-being and strengthening families throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Better Marriages St. Louis

Better Marriages St. Louis is a chapter of Better Marriages, an international, nonprofit, non-sectarian organization whose purpose is to promote better marriages by providing enrichment opportunities and resources that strengthen couple relationships, increase intimacy and enhance personal growth, mutual fulfillment and family wellness. Better Marriage is a network of couples and professionals in the field of marriage education and enrichment dedicated to enriching their own marriages and other marriages in their communities. Trained lay-couples facilitate various types of events in the St. Louis area. Visit the website for the most current event schedule: http://www.bettermarriagesstl.org/  Also Twitter: @BetterMarriage2 and Facebook

800-634-8325  |  acme@bettermarriages.org

The Cana Institute
5937 Keith Place
St. Louis, MO 63109
The Cana Institute was founded to provide the kind of care and support needed by married couples, families and single adults living in today's complex society. The approach used is a unique blending of practical relational skills and personal spiritual values.

Healthy Marriage Initiative | Douglass Community Services, Inc.

711 Grand Avenue
Hannibal, MO 63401
573-221-3890 ext 256
Bonnie Garkie
We serve families with a child or children 0-5 years of age that are eligible for Head Start of Early Head Start. We teach relationship, parenting, communication, financial literacy, parent/child bonding, feeding the children/family nutrition classes. We focus on strengthening couples by teaching communication and relationship skills.

Operation US
Forest Institute of Professional Psychology

2885 W. Battlefield Road
Springfield, MO 65807
Dr. Jennifer Baker
Operation US provides skills-based relationship education focused on building communication skills, resolving conflict safely, and understanding the importance of commitment. Federally funded, Operation US serves 29 counties in southwest Missouri providing programs to teens, single adults, engaged and seriously dating couples, unwed expectant parents, married couples and couples at risk for divorce. Mission is to improve outcomes for children by helping the adults in their lives develop the skills to form and maintain healthy relationships.

To have your program or organization considered for addition to the list, send an e-mail to info@healthymarriageinfo.org.