1499 NE 135th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98684
Alan Ray
MarriageTeam saves and strengthens marriages and families for a better future. It trains Christian couples to be marriage coaches and then places couples for coaching with the trained coaches. It monitors the process and evaluates the results. Distressed couples who compel the program report a 180% improvement in their relationship.

Northwest Marriage Institute
12011 NE 99th Street, Suite #1580
Vancouver, WA 98682
Phone: 360-260-1100
The Northwest Marriage Institute was born of necessity to help address one of the greatest problems in our society – marriages that are falling apart. The statistics are staggering: Half of all first marriages will end in divorce, 75% of all second marriages will end in divorce, and one-third of all third marriages will end in divorce. This means, when you spend thousands of dollars to see your child walk down the aisle during a marital ceremony, you may actually be sending them towards THE most stressful event in life – divorce. The problem is great, but solutions are few. Some churches have marriage and family experts on staff and provide marriage workshops of their own. But here's the real problem – 65% of all who live in Oregon and 67% of all who live in Washington have no connection to any church. The great need, then, was to take marriage education and marriage counseling to the communities. With this in mind, the Northwest Marriage Institute was loosely organized in June of 2004

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